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Light Gauge Steel Framing Construction (LGSF)

Light gauge steel framing construction in Ahmedabad India

Light gauge steel framing construction (LGSF) is a rapid construction system which is used in cold rolled galvanized steel sections allows us to design and build strong, durable steel framed buildings easily and efficiently, anywhere in the world.

Light Gauge Steel Framing Construction System ( LGSF) / Rapid Building System : New Technology In Ahmedabad – India

Key Drivers Include:
  • Lessens the proposed time of construction by 50% as compared to conventional methods
  • Fully integrated computerized system with CNC machine provides very high accuracy up to 1 mm.
  • It is Environment friendly as Steel can be reused.
  • High strength to weight ratio. Earthquake force generation is less due to light weight.
  • Condense the weight of the structure by 35 to 40% thereby causing additional cost saving in the substructure or foundation level.
  • Adds to the carpet area of the built structure as the walls are thinner than traditional bricks or cement blocks

Stands upright in thorny terrains and sites where heavy machinery and structures is not easy to install.

The LGSF System Is Fabricated Based On Provision Of The Following Standards:
  • Indian Standard IS 801: 1975 Code of Practices for use of cold formed and welded section and light gauge steel structural members in general building construction.
  • British Standard BS 5950 (Part 5): 1998 – Structural use of steel in Building Part 5 – Code of Practice for design of cold formed thin gauge structure.
  • British Standard BS 5950 (Part 1): 2000 Structure use of steel work in Building Part 1 with loading requirement as per IS 875 (Part 1)
  • Indian Standard IS 875: 1987 Code of Practice for design loads Part 1 – Dead Loads – Unit Weights of Building Material and Stored Materials Part 2 – Imposed Loads Part 3 – Wind Loads

It won’t be a false to say that the era of steel buildings has successfully established in India. Luminous steel structures are building up almost everywhere, predominantly in urban areas these days. The focal cause behind their mounting popularity is that steel is no longer limited to industrial buildings or warehouses.

Wide Use:

Today, from airport terminals to hangars, mega retail outlets, metro stations, even residential structures, wherever you are, you just have to think it and designers can appear up with steel buildings for the completion of your dream project!.

As both the infrastructure and real estate sectors challenges construction solutions that offer a permutation of economy, strength and speed, also wanting aesthetically pleasing buildings, light steel construction solutions offers everything and anything which a buyer can think of.

Environment Friendly:

Steel buildings can be broken and build up yet again innumerous times. No matter, how many times this process is repeated, steel preserve its character and doesn’t take over the environment. No wonder steel is becoming a popular choice in the rising emphasis on environment-friendly construction methods nowadays.

How LGSF Construction System Works?

While considering LGSF’s tremendous benefits; it is not difficult to set up. Moreover, it takes comparatively less amount of time to build up compared to conventional system of construction.

Cold Form Steel Profiles:

Over the past few years, various enhanced techniques regarding LGSF have developed for exercise in landed properties. LGSF is developed through cold form galvanized steel profiles. The gaps which are in-between the elements of a frame, heat insulation material is placed and the frame is shaped using various materials forming an encrusted constitution. While constructing various steel fasteners, stiffeners are being attached to the basic element of the structure.

High Tolerance:

Buildings through LGSF technology are manufactured to light tolerances having an eminent strength to weight ratio. LGSF structure are therefore designed in such a way that they could bear up in acute loads such as 240 km/h winds, 3 feet of snow loading and many more.

Recyclable Usage:

LGSF also features sustainability aspect as its structural apparatus are fabricated to precise provision which results in condensed leftovers of materials. Anyhow, if waste is generated, it gets recycled in production centre. Steel can be recycled eternally and is indeed its qualities will not be condensed.

Hence, steel is 100% recyclable and does not supply to exhaustion of natural resources and environment.

LGSF technology is all mechanically advanced as it begins with comprehensive computer model of the building; which is virtually framed by professional engineers. It is planned by professionals who are well versed in LGSF technology and have a broad and inclusive range of technical and design formulation.

Light gauge steel framing strains for superior automated roll forming machines for steel framing along finest software. We provide you with the same.

The fundamentals of the frame composition are constructed of ‘C’ profiles along with a dry construction style building technology. LGSF offers design elasticity and a broad array of cladding and roofing options.

Buildings constructed through LGSF looks no diverse from brick construction. This means in terms of outer shell both can be identical yet might have intrinsic benefits of LGSF which is elevated than that of conventional building practices.

Re-Utilization Is Possible:

One of its USP is that when LGSF buildings are no more in exercise in their existing position they could be simply dismantled and re utilized somewhere else.

Steel provides numerous exclusive environmental payback as well; such as product endurance, recyclability and simple transportation.

One can easily switch its construction to LGSF construction as it is pocket friendly. It ensures high quality frame at affordable price in less time resulting in lower labor cost. Hence, LGSF is long lasting which makes it worth of your investment.

Misconception About Cost:

Construction through steel is more economical than construction through wood. But Earlier it was a misconception that wood can be cheaper which misled the people towards LGSF.

This misconception was caused because newly constructed houses were built in the same way they used to build through woods which resulted enormous waste of material and a very expensive structure.

But now the scenario has been totally changed. With the passing time, the cost of has increased significantly but at the same time its quality has been reduced.

Consistency In Steel Price:

Due to environmental conservation the supply of wood has been limited to an extent. At the same time quality of wood has also deprived. Steel price on the other hand remains mostly consistent.

Building through steel is thus affordable to people, at the same time it provides consumers a viable choice for the type of framing to use in their homes.

Moreover, steel greatly outperforms wood in building construction and its quality. So, investing in steel would be a worthy deal anyway. If we talk about the absolute price difference, it is difficult to figure out. The reason behind it is that prices of wood keeps on fluctuating and on the other hand price of steel is consistent. But still the difference would never exceed too much.

Performance And Quality:

If we talk about performance and quality, steel definitely has long term value for the Consumers’ buying capacity than investing on low quality of wood frame structure. The major drawback in the conventional system of construction is that it is vulnerable to fungi and organisms. It gradually deteriorates the frame quality. On the other side there is no chance of fungi or organisms attacking the structure. Which makes steel the better structure.

Earthquake Resistance:

The feature which uplifts LGSF over conventional system is steel’s extraordinary feature of being earthquake resistant. The major requirement to resist earthquake is to lessen the weight of the building.

It has been found that steel is 5-10 times lighter as compared to wood. Steel therefore absorbs the earthquake waves to a great height and thus helps you to protect your life and belongings, offering you a safer life.

Advantages Of Light Gauge Construction :

LGSF is significantly insulated, aesthetically beautiful and massively light weight. It is most often used for the construction of interior as well as exterior walls of commercial as well as residential building. LGSF is also appropriated for vertical porch of buildings where civil construction is not feasible due to existing structure design margins. 

Its advantages consist of:

Construction Speed: LGSF doesn’t have the difficulty comparted to common construction problems such as Labor-Issues, shortage of water & electricity etc. which reduces the construction time and thus helps the construction process faster.

Durability: Buildings constructed from LGSF are permanent constructions that can be used lifelong. They are not stereotypical prefabricated constructions. It doesn’t corrode.

Cost: Buildings constructed through LGSF are finished in notably shorter span of time as Compared with the conventional brick and mortar buildings; as a result, the sum of workers which works on the site and wide-ranging charge of the site are condensed.

Easier funding options due to the short time of construction: As mentioned several times that LGSF is assuredly not a time consuming course. That’s why it is easy to manage fund and cash flow.

Eco friendly: Steel is a neutral environment sociable material which does not release any perilous substances. Moreover, it is a dry construction technique so no mischief is caused to the environment. The buildings constructed through LGSF don’t face undesirable weather condition. Steel structure if used accurately is absolutely secure to health and environment.

Quick, Easy and Precise Installation: The absolute route of LGSF is marked by brevity. It is pretty quick and as it doesn’t requires too much of labor. It is easy to adopt this method. Quick installation enables to condense timing resources judiciously.

Design Flexibility: Steel gives you superior options than conventional construction system. LGSF offers architectural and design flexibility as it possesses innate potency.

Quality: Nowadays, LGSF is a foremost construction practice made by advance technologies, science and development which is pertinent in construction. Therefore this is vastly accurate which leads to superior quality in assembly.

LGSF is a safeguard: LGSF as constituted by steel is not vulnerable to fungi and organisms. And also acts as a fire resistant which makes it highly acceptable by the society.

It doesn’t stance lightening hazard: Unlike, other construction system steel buildings are not vulnerable to the danger of lightening. LGSF shrinkages the risk  of explosion, small sized fires and injuries.

Cons Of Using Light Gauge Steel Framing Construction:

There is currently only one con of using steel and that is finding builders  who have experience of erecting steel frames. They are much more difficult to come by as such builders may be timid to offer steel frames. But as the market demand of steel frames increases over the coming years more builders will see the benefits of investing in LGSF and buying the necessary tools to work with the steel. The builders will perhaps find more benefits with steel such as quick installation time on site and much better quality outcome.

Myths OF LGSF Construction:
Steel Makes Cracking Noise:

There is a very popular myth that steel makes cracking noise. But the truth is steel frames are not any nosier than timber frames that studies by CSIRO has proven this to be true. If a homeowner claims that steel frames makes noises what they might be referring to is the caller bond and tin roof as it heats or contracts during the day. It is absolutely normal for a roof to make expansion noises because it receives the direct heat from the sun. However, the noises made by roof will be exactly the same regardless of whether the roof made by a steel or a timber.

LGSF Construction In Ahmedabad – India: Future Ready And Future Proof

LGSF is a future ready construction system which has come up with tremendous benefits. It specializes in design, strength, durability, accuracy and many more numerous paybacks.

Safe, Innovative And Flexible Solution:

There has been a perceptible switch in the construction industry over the last few decades. As the world is stirring forward, there fondness is changing in the same direction. There wants are no more restricted only with a home construction but concurrently demands for other perks too with includes aesthetic designs, accurate frame, strong and durable building and last but not the least eco friendly fabrications. They demand for safer, more innovative and flexible solution.

Big Demand In Developed Countries:

Whether you need to erect grand skyscrapers, or office/residential buildings light gauge steel technology is the only key which grants abundant of divergent advantages making it the apex preference of engineers globally. Light gauge steel construction is kinder on the environment. In the duration of hunt for advanced, taller and stronger buildings, it is the accountability of the construction industry to ensure the environment is not irreparably smashed. It is this feature of LGSF that has made it such a big want in the most developed countries in the world – America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The declining supply of old growth trees conventionally used in construction united with population growth and the mounting urbanization has shown the way to the call for a new construction material light gauge steel frame is the answer.

There is no limit to supply and it is ideal for residential or light commercial construction.

While being extensively stronger it is five times lighter than wood. This makes it simpler to work with and also shows its never ending benefits by considerably adding to the load on foundations when being used in the construction of mansards or extensions.

Best For Urban Projects:

Steel framing walls can easily lodge future remodeling. Light Gauge Steel Construction is nowadays considered the largely appropriate option for construction of residential projects, high rise structures, and urban projects like offices and shopping malls.

Light Gauge Steel Framing are easier to remodel, are exceedingly resistant to fire and termites, and last but not the least  end up being greatly cost-effective than conventional system of construction. In case eventual intention of an enterprise is to make profits, light gauge steel helps organizations save huge costs.

Wrap Up:

LGSF might be light but it should not be misunderstood with low strength as it is hardly a pushover when it comes to strength – crucial for a skyscraper. In fact, it would come as a surprise that Light Gauge Steel has an enormously high strength to weight ratio. Thus LGSF is absolutely a right choice for construction as it is loaded with not only the benefits we talk today but all the unseen paybacks for future.

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