Split Steel Coil


Authentic Steel used to produce LGSF Profiles Matters a lot when it comes to No.1 Quality Construction.

Mitsumi LGSF Tutorial Series 1

LGSF Knowledge Series

Important Things You Should Know Before any LGSF Project : LGSF Tutorial Series 1

Galvastrong Jorta cabin 3d Lgsf model red color

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“Jorta Cabin” with 100% LGSF technology an intelligent option to “Porta Cabin”

Expert Talk on LGSF


Expert Talk on LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Framing Structures).

LGSF Woman Power

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This is how easy it is to Install the Frame Work in Light Gauge Steel Framing Technology.

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Guest lecture by Mr Shahid at CPET Ahmedabad (G.J) 17-1-23 on LGSF Technology.

Guest lecture by Mr. Shahid at NIT Uttarakhand on LGSF Technology.

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Guest lecture by Mr. Shahid at NIT Uttarakhand on LGSF Technology.

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Mitsumi Housing participation in Gujarat Housing Conclave Rajkot Exhibition 2022.

  • Guwahati Exhibition Mitsumi

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Mitsumi Housing participation in Ace Tech Exhibition Guwahati 2022.

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Beam Column Free Construction is possible with No 1 LGSF Technology.

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Mitsumi Participation of LGSF Technology at Ace Tech exhibition 2022 – Kochi Kerela.

Lgfs mounting on RCC beam using hold down stud

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LGSF Structure mounting on RCC beam

Mitsumi House Stall at Sthapatya Exhibition Surat 2022

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Mitsumi at Sthapatya Surat exhibition 2022 – Surat