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LGSF Glamping camp tents made using No 1 LGSF technology.

LGSF Glamping camp tents made using No 1 LGSF technology.

LGSF Glamping camp tents made using No 1 LGSF technology.

Experience the magic of luxury and a perfect experience center in a new and modify Glamping camp.
That can be made using LGSF technology. Yes, using the LGSF technology glamping unit can be made easily.

The technology is easier to, also any shape and size can be redefined easily. We are very sure that many of us would be not familiar with this term so before moving ahead let’s clarify what the glamping unit is, its uses, its benefit, and how it is different from the normal tent camp.
The unique concept of glamorous and luxurious vaccination with nature is called Glamping and to make it more feasible and accessible is called a glamping tent.
It is a new trending holiday way combined with glamorous and comfortable.

It is very different from a room or a resort. Basically, glamping gives you a direct experience of nature and lets you breathe in the fresh air. They are very spacious and have all the basic amenities in them. 
Mostly these tents are found and can be seen in resorts to give different experience zone and the majority of them would for made of heavy clothes.
Glamping is similar to the traditional tent and has common features like electricity, lighting, floor, and washroom. They are heavy and are customized in various customized shapes.
It is an effortless experience while enjoying the great outdoors in the lap of nature.

The same experience could be experienced in the glamping made in Lgsf. 
Now one would ask – how and what are its possibilities and how it would be similar plus what would be the benefit of it?

Well, the possibilities are very high and with due respect to all shapes and sizes with some of the best features like fit it and forget it which is mostly based on the assembly process and is quick, easy, and fast.
The second material which makes it easy and more viable is cladding with tensile fiber cement board, real wood, aluminum, wood, and cloth according to the design. The process is easy but also is one of the best alternatives.  The cladding has a lot of options and it can be molded in any design and texture.
Talking about the other benefit then it would cover aspects like temperature prone, yes it is vulnerable in all temperatures and seasons.
Also, such construction can resist earthquake-prone areas with good seismic capacity in a zone 5 area, Also Lgsf construction is fire-resistant and terminated-free. The material is neither combustible to any sort of fungi nor bacteria. Thus this makes it amongst the best option and viable.
It has various properties like rust and corrosion free plus its 100% safe, environmentally friendly, and has perfect geometry alignment making it one of the best options and alternatives.
Also, the construction is done in such a way that it can withstand any situation like wind, cold, rain, etc as well.
Yes, LGSF is one of the best options, and with the above feature glamping of any size can be made easily.

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This is how a glamping LGSF unit would look.

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