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Eco Friendly Construction With LGSF

Eco friendly construction with LGSF

According to new research by construction blog Bim how the construction sector contributes to 23% of air pollution, 50% of the climatic change, 40% of drinking water pollution, and 50% of landfill wastes. In separate research by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the construction industry accounts for 40% of worldwide energy usage, with estimations that by 2030 emissions from commercial buildings will grow by 1.8%. It is quite clear that we should move to eco – friendly construction to save our environment.

Introducing To LGSF Technology:

Light gauge steel framework is widely used in urban area. It is light weighted and environmental friendly. Cement board will be attached to side of steel sections. Space between steel section and cement boards will be filled with concrete or rockwool.

Light gauge steel frames are developed with cold form processes. This results in light weighted and high tensile steel sheet. Zinc coating is used to cover the steel surface First time implementation:

Eco Friendly Construction With Light Gauge Steel Framework:

One of the eye catching feature of LGSF is that it is exceedingly eco-friendly. Everyone wishes constructions that accomplish its desires of dream house. But that definitely not at the cost of environment degradation. LGSF is the ideal verdict to make your dream house in the midst of nature without misleading it.

Energy Saving:

When compared with conventional system of construction LGSF requires up to 68% of minus energy in advanced construction. The filling that is being used in fabrication of walls, roofs and floors constitute of ozone friendly materials that doesn’t damage nature and its resources.

Reduction In Waste:

In broader outlook, LGSF not only condense waste but significantly reduces waste disposal and trim down cost. In light gauge steel framing frame apparatus are being manufacture in respect of accurate provision which in turn shrinks the amount of surplus waste materials. LGSF components can be supplied to precise size and length, abolishing cutting and trimming and hence dipping any kind of wastages.

Recycling Of Waste:

By and far if any waste material is produced it gets recycled in the production center. LGSF has a gain of being 100% recyclable therefore it does not endorse degradation to environment. Moreover, LGSF is not vulnerable to any kind of fungi, organisms and termites.

Use Of 25% Of The Recycled Steel:

LGSF constructions are also known by the name of Green Buildings. As steel utilizes at least 25% of the recycled steel. Along with efficiency LGSF comprises the eminence of being environmentally sustainable. Any building’s frame made up of LGSF can be recycled from 8-9 old cars. Therefore, LGSF surplus its credit points towards green building certification. Due to energy efficient fabrication it promotes enhanced and sustainable life cycle.

Suitable For All Weather Conditions:

LGSF is exceeding weather friendly as it is highly appropriated for every weather conditions. It is marked for commendable performance in extreme weather circumstances. It is inorganic therefore it will not wrap, rust or sink.

LGSF is thus packed with plethora of payback that would any day accomplish demands of eco-conscious home owner.

Provides Longer Age Of Building:

One of the underscore advantage of LGSF is that it is environmental resistance. It doesn’t permit mold to nurture. Thus, steel made structure do not requires any measures or defense to prevent mold, decay or insect breeding. Grounds at the rear of this is that steel cannot absorb moisture so it does not grant breeding space for bacteria. Hence, ensuring longer age of building.

LGSF stands utterly to its owner’s expectations as it also acts as a cost efficient structure. It helps to save energy with Solar. LGSF fabrications are exceptionally brawny and thus can flawlessly support solar panels .Solar panels are greatly functional as it surplus the worth of your house simultaneously dipping your energy bills.

Galva Strong And LGSF:

Galva strong is taking initiative towards Light gauge steel framing construction. Galva strong is Mitsumi Housing enterprise and specializes in design and supply of Light Gauge Steel Frames. The company is based in Ahmedabad and provides LGSF solutions all over India. The company has 4 high speed machine, 35 tons production capacity. Visit company website to know more about Galva strong.

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