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Light steel frame construction is a great eminence artifact. It brings significance to the money and is worth your outlay. It is well-lit and robust. One of its most charismatic feature is that it is termite proof.

Light Steel Frame Construction – Solution For Fire, Termites, Earthquake And Terrain –


Usually, in conventional scheme the demolition of the frame by termites are usually obscure and hushed. They are further susceptible to fungi and termites. Refinement of the frame weights comprehensive replacement of other building apparatuses.

100% Termite Proof:

However, on the other hand LGSF’s frame is 100% termite with certifying proof that no damage shall be done to house due to termites.

Steel Is Not Vulnerable To Moisture:

Since LGSF steel frames are galvanized with a rust fee quote The steel frame does not burn or rust and is not vulnerable to moisture, termites or any other damage done by the insects.

The fact is that there is nothing as terrible as the destruction of the frame structure of a house. Devastation of the frame by termites can be hushed and invisible to the eye. Restoration of the frame can demand entire proxy of other building components such as plumbing, electrical, plasterboard, skirting, architraves, kitchen etc. 

Steel Is Not The Source Of Food For Insects:

Steel is not exposed to termites. Since, steel is not the source of food for insects, LGSF offers resistance aligned with termites making LGSF better and acceptable.

Thus light gauge steel framework houses are safe than the other construction system as they follow traditional method such as wood which are exceeding susceptible to termites, fungi and organisms.

So, one of the apparent advantage of using LGSF is that it would never demand to be treated for termites which will anyhow save your cost. Pesticides killing termites are toxic, many people are bothered by pesticides.

Long Term Benefits Of Steel:

The initial cost of steel might be more than that of a wood but that can be compensated enough as later there will be no expense on termite treatment which could be seen opposite in case of construction through wood or any other form.

This evident benefit also throws adequate light on durability facet of LGSF. As they will not shrivel, decompose or bend due to moisture and are not exposed to rodent and insect spoil.

Hence, it is quite obvious as well as translucent that LGSF is validated to be a boon in the field of construction which will anyhow save you by large cost and is worth of your investment.


One of the vital advantages of Light steel frame construction that makes it more adoptable by people is its exceptional resistance in seismic zones.

The factor which condenses earthquake’s waves is the lighter mass of the building. Since, steel is proved much lighter than wood, earthquake waves are engrossed through application of LGSF system. Mass of the building is directly linked to its high chances of being vulnerable to earthquake waves. The greater the mass the sturdier would be the potency of the earthquake levied on the building.

5 Times Lighter:

Steel houses are 5 times lighter than that of the concrete buildings which means that the earthquake potency executed on the buildings is five times lighter. Due to its extraordinary strength to weight ratio, LGSF is highly apt for adding supplementary floors to prevailing buildings.

LGSF Structures Are Designed To Endure Earthquake Loads As Per The IS Standard Codes.

The utmost notable provision which is to be taken against earthquake is to condense load of the building as much as possible. Japanese earthquake professional proclaimed that utmost earthquake resistance system around the world is Ottoman wood frame system.

Resistant To Seismic Waves:

Steel Structures are tremendously strong which indicates that they are undeniably more resistant to seismic waves than convention built buildings as it does meet International Standards. As each assembly constructed through LGSF is assisted by accurate design and analysis, all seismic waves and zones are reflected while designing layout.

LGSF Is Popular In Developed Countries:

LGSF is not being confined to one region; it is practiced in numerous countries like New Zealand which are more prone to earthquake. They certify that their structures are capable of withstanding huge seismic forces. So their houses are built through LGSF to shield them and their possessions against earthquake waves.

Firm Structure:

Earthquake resistance ensures that structures should be firm, assuring that entire frame vibrates composed as one unit. In such units, the top portions are joined in such a way that the bottoms movements are shifted instantly from lower levels to the entire building and entire unit vibrates as one stiff body. Accordingly, no bitter stresses are set up and structure rests safe.

Terrain Friendly Production:

Be it adverse weather circumstances, earthquake prone areas, or even places tougher than it creates no trouble to steel. Thus, LGSF is exceeding adaptable and acceptable.

LGSF structure has its evident return on architectural outline, structural reliability, combined economic paybacks, and environmental reflection over conventional construction system.

The reason we emphasize much on terrain friendly aspect of LGSF is because of its central significance on RECYCLABILITY and ENERGY EFFICIENCY:


  1. The steel used to form light gauge steel framing can be recycled.
  2. Steel frame building if knock down in future, the steel can be recycled.
  3. It demands roughly one-quarter of an acre of grown-up trees to fabricate the wood framing for a house. The identical house can be steel framed from three or four old cars.
  4. Steel can be recycled for an indefinite period without losing any of its virtues.
  5. When steel buildings are no more needed in their existing position, they can be taken to bits and re-erected somewhere else.

Energy Efficiency:

  1. Steel framed buildings are energy efficient. The structure of steel needs fewer walls, so there are fewer thermal bridges to pass on heat.
  2. Steel frame buildings remain airtight as they do not settle or wrap.
  3. The intensity of the steel beams gives a broader space for insulation.

Survives In Extreme Weather Conditions:

Even in extreme weather conditions LGSF upholds itself with potency and sturdiness. Thus, does not cause deprivation to wall surfaces. Steel has a genuine quality of acting as a defensive shield in almost all weather conditions. Therefore, LGSF is branded as great weather resistant.

Growing Market Due To Long Term Benefits:

Light steel frame construction has been successfully able to capture the growing market because of its un- ending pay backs such as performance of shield in high altitudes in all terrains and weather conditions. It is one of the optimal solutions to prefabricated requirement be it a need for home or at commercial place.

Use Of Solid Iron And Steel:

It is manufactured by using superior grade material and channels of solid iron and steel, offered product ensures user a trouble free functionality and long working life. Highly developed technology has made this product more demanding in the market as it has thermal insulated properties and is adequate spacious to give users the accurate place and liberty for the activity.

Manufactured With Elevated Eminence Fabric:

Light Gauge Steel Frame products are designed and manufactured from elevated eminence fabric that is resistant to fire as well as water making it appropriate to uphold in all weather and devastating condition. They are designed in such a manner that they can be simply segmented into private areas just with the help of fabric.

Quick Shelter Solution:

They usually acts as a support work at the time of disaster; they can be installed with ease by the user to get quick shelter solution.

They are designed in a way keeping the mind the extremity and level of weather conditions of the natural calamity areas.

Light Steel Frame Construction And Fire Resistance:

LGSF is a flawless blend of solidity, durability and elasticity which makes it way more easier to build. But, their benefits don’t halt here only. The feature which sorts it all are adequate and exclusive is its eminence of being fire resistant.

Cold Form Steel Profiles:

LGSF structure is accumulated from cold form galvanized steel profiles. In the gaps amid the elements of the frame heat insulation material is based and the frame is offered along with the surface layers which are being ended by different layers turning to a layering structure.

Heat Insulation:

The material used to fill the gaps among the structures not only executes heat insulation but also proves to be a valuable fire resistant apparatus.

Non Explosive:

One of the notable boons of LGSF is that it is non explosive; hence it will not add or supply fire. This makes it all safer and acceptable.

Better Than Conventional System Of Construction:

When compared to conventional system of construction LGSF proves to be better in a way it performs as a better fire resistant. As woods catches fire faster than steel. Hence, a construction through LGSF has been validated to be extensively safer that conventional system of construction because of more restricted operations and eminence of being fire resistant. Even during the analysis, it was figured out that performance of outward insulated LGSF floor system was better than convention system of flooring.

Light gauge steel structures are non-flammable, which is a vital constraint for some types of structures. The utmost simplest way of fire protection/safety is to merge the steel with fire rated sheet and drywalls.

Light Gauge steel frame floors are specifically designed to perform as a fire resistant. Floor convocation with extended fire resistance rating is required to evolve flexible building system for acute fire occurrence.

Advanced Composite Panel Structure:

Lately, an advanced composite panel structure has been shaped; establish on outward insulation for LGSF floors to offer higher fire resistant. LGSF framing fire protection requirements vary with factors such as size and weight of the steel framing and other factors too including external insulation , strong channels etc.

Therefore, LGSF showcase high fire resistance qualities.

Summing It Up

Building and owning house is dream of everybody. Building houses means building dreams. Add more safety to this dream by using Light gauge steel framework system in construction. We are supplier of light gauge steel frame. Submit the contact form below and get custom quote for your construction projects.

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