India is seeing a Rise in Demand for affordable housing post Covid-19.

Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing

The covid-19 has affected various sectors in different ways. Although the world adapted to the situation and has started to live with it, there are some sectors that will recover faster and gain profit post-pandemic.
Real estate is one such sector. As people will aim for security and safety after such an outbreak, increasing demand for affordable housing will drive more projects in this sector.

There are a few factors as to why people are most likely to choose affordable housing.

Due to the economic crisis, almost all People with salaried incomes are facing difficulties in paying rent during this time.

Especially in the suburban area of the city, the new culture of working from home has made people think about upgrading a house that has office space and other amenities that are required for this new culture.


The announcement of banks switching to reduced home loan rates will also give a boost to the affordable housing sector.

But such growing demands require fast-track construction technology that could eliminate problems like a low number of migrant laborers and skilled laborers, limitations to the logistic sector, increasing numbers of unapproachable sites, and prolonged turnover time. One of the best technologies in the industry is Light Gauge Steel Frame Technology.

The LGSF industry has seen a rapid rise in the demand for mass affordable housing projects. The need for rapid construction with machine point precision and the use of less labor on site is one of the primary reasons why LGSF demand has increased.

Apart from the scarcity of labor due to the given pandemic situation, there is also a dearth of natural resources logistics intelligence, and overall execution planning on-site. LGSF is one such technology that reduces the curve between what is desired and what is delivered in the shortest way.

It has been proven in previous projects that LGSF construction technology falls economical and viable in the long run. It provides a short construction period to the extent of 50% to complete the projects as soon as possible without making the occupants wait for too long.

Other advantages include advantages of off-site manufacturing, reusability, recyclability, cost efficiency, and resource efficiency making it one of the most sustainable building methods available today.

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