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Thank you a message to all the participants who made the Mitsumi certified LGSF skill Development Program such a success.

Thank you, Dr. Shailesh Agrawal, for introducing LGSF Skill Development Program

Thank you very much for the overwhelming response that we have received during the campaign of our training program for LGSF Turnkey Solution Providers. We are happy to know that India is now poised for this new age of rapid construction technology.
We have seen a lot of increase and demand in businesses related to associate trade like architecture, structural consultants, PMC companies, erectors of PEB companies, and also end-users to know more about Light Gauge Steel Framing Technology in great detail.
These three days programs covered introductions to the various components that are used in light gauge steel framing technology and how they play a role in the overall build factor to increase the speed and finish of the process that is used to deploy while constructing a building.
We also covered finding details such as method statements and building procedures that would help one to erect a structure just by reading and understanding the assembly drawings provided by our in-house structural designing team.

After such an overwhelming response we at Mitsumi have decided to create another similar program in Gujarat state very soon details of which will be announced shortly.

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Know More About Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) Construction and How It Can Enhance Your Business.

Date – 11th November at 11:30 am

Weekly Wednesday Webinar (www), An initiative by Mitsumi Housing Pvt Ltd hosted every Wednesday at 11.30 am on the Google Meet Platform

Register here – Weekly Wednesday Webinar

Why Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction is the Best Option in Rapid Construction?

LGSF Glamping camp tents made using No 1 LGSF technology.

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