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“Jorta Cabin” with 100% LGSF technology an intelligent option to “Porta Cabin”

Galvastrong Jorta cabin 3d Lgsf model red color

LGSF Jorta Cabin 3D Model

Have you ever come across a situation where you are trying to expand your business but your new office is still under construction?

Did you suffer in the scorching summer in your construction site offices?

Did you feel that your site office must look more professional and have high aesthetic standards that attracts your visitors?

We have designed the LGSF Jorta Cabin keeping such difficulties in mind

Jorta Cabin

Why name Jorta Cabin? Because these cabins are not welded like other structures. Instead Jorta uses special screws and steel connectors and can be fit by battery operated screw gun. Easy to Install LGSF.

” Jorta is the New Porta

Introducing you ready to assemble rust free Jorta Cabin with 100% LGSF Technology. Jorta cabin is similar to the Portacabin or Bunkabin. With Jorta Cabin you will get pre designed pre engineered modular ports cabins type range of designs brought to you specially for in-house and onsite applications. 

What makes LGSF Jorta Cabin unique?

Unique features of LGSF Jorta Cabin designed by Galavastrong Mitsumi Housing

The LGSF Jorta cabin is easy to erect with a screw gun machine which requires minimum labor. Jorta cabin uses 100% rust proof 550 Mpa LGSF steel sections. The LGSF durability of the structure gives it a long life span. 

Remote locations with low labor availability and lack of resources are the best suit for choosing Jorta Cabin. Due to its high flexibility it provides scope of customization as per requirements.

Comparative Study of LGSF Jorta Cabin

Comparison of LGSF Jorta Cabin and Container cabin in costing material weight insulation and application
Comparison of LGSF Jorta Cabin and Container cabin in Mounting, Availability, Scope of customization, Aesthetic value design
Comparison of LGSF Jorta Cabin with Container Cabin

LGSF Jorta Cabin Package

Jorta Cabin package will give you a complete solution for both steel and non steel items. This provides optimised structure design along with foundation subgrade drawings. LGSF Profile is provided by India’s largest LGSF farm owned by MHPL using the FRAMECAD software and machines. 

Jorta Cabins are capable of withstanding adverse geo climatic conditions like high wind speed and earthquakes in special design requests. It can be designed to sustain heavy snowfall too. This is the reason why many hoteliers and snowy regions are choosing LGSF cabins and modular houses.

What you’ll get in this LGSF Package?

Mitsumi Housing Pvt Ltd have designed complete package for the Jorta Cabin. In this package you will get steel package including Galvalume 550 Mpa LGSF Profile and LGSF accessories like screws and connectors. This includes 3D virtual model of structure. For easy erection on site foundation subgrade drawings and assembly drawings are provided.

In the LGSF Jorta Cabin Non Steel Package you will get the itemized BOQ for cladding and insulating material. This will open the doors for customization for your clients depending on their budget and applications. This way you will erect your own customized Cabin. 

Benefits of Using a LGSF Jorta Cabin

  • Rapid construction
  • Easy transport
  • Eco friendly & Sustainability
  • Versatile application
  • Zero wastage
  • Non stackable

Unique feature of sloping roof in these LGSF cabins are designed for water runoff and avoid any future water seepage. It helps in rainwater harvesting and water collection efforts.

The cladding material used in these cabins has superior thermal efficiency and you save on estimated 30% of electricity bill.

Where to install Jorta Cabin?

LGSF Jorta Cabin can be used both on and off site locations. Where there is need for rapid construction this cabin easily erected in no time.

Because of it’s plug and play characteristic, different cafeteria chain are opting for these cabins. It is spacious and can be finished for attractive looks.

Another application of this cabin is in Police or Military check post. Due to its light weight feature it becomes easier to carry the material even in difficult terrains. This checkpost can be cladded with IED proof material for maximum safety.

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