Authentic Steel used to produce LGSF Profiles Matters a lot when it comes to No.1 Quality Construction.

“ Unfortunately cheap is cheerful in the Indian market.  Quality always has a price. With increasing steel prices, consumer and non-manufacturing suppliers gets lesser than what they pay for. Sometimes even worse ”. Mr. Prasanna (Structural Consultant)

Quality of Steel used to produce LGSF Profiles Matters a lot

We truly agree with the above observation correctly put by Mr. Prasanna an experienced Structural consultant from Canada who has experience in working with projects in Canada and India.

At Galvastrong – India’s largest LGSF factory we take special attention and care that the quality of steel used for producing your LGSF Steel profile is authentic and genuine as per the required industry standards and norms.

Things you should know before you choose an LGSF Steel Manufacturing Factory.

In today competitive market case scenario where price is the only determining factor. Sometimes its tempting to lose focus on the bigger picture and compromise on the quality of steel at the cost of the project. At GalvaStrong we ensure you are text book right to begin with at the very first step.

Authentic and Genuine Quality of Steel Used.

We continuously come across clients who opted for cheaper options but then choose to use GalvaStrong brand of LGSF Steel Profiles because they then realized the incurrence of invisible losses in their projects overall value at eats into their profit in the longer run.

This is due to the quality of steel not being up to the mark and required LGSF Industry standards. Use of lower MPA steel sometimes tends to open up in years to come thus resulting in weakening of the structure. This tendency of the profiles to open up mostly frequently results in undulation of the wall creating cracks in-between the joints over a period of time. The over all finish of the project also tends to look shabby and increase the age of the building.

How LGSF profiles are a better choice when it comes to No.1 Quality Construction.

With the use of LGSF steel profiles one can be rest assured of sustainability and durability of the project as the steel profiles are well galvanised in comparison with regular hollow tubes with round, square and rectangular shapes that are made using unprotected thin metal that tends to being to rust from inside due to entrapped moisture thus reducing the life of the structure. LGSF profiles are also erected as if each profiles is interwoven to the other rather than but besides each other as in other technologies. This gives the structure added strength during earthquake and high wind speed conditions.

Machines Fitness & Punch Quality

At GalvaStrong we not only ensure you with authentic & genuine quality of steel for your LGSF steel profiles but also ensure your material is produced with fit well maintained top of the line fully computerised automatic machines that are backed up by genuine software. to know more about the machines we have Click Here.

In order to be competitive by cost smaller outfits of LGSF profile manufacturing companies over look a few cuts and punches to save on production time and the machine maintenance cost; but this results in a huge invisible cost the client has to pay on filed few of the drawbacks of using such profiles are difficulty in assembly on field, requirement of more manpower and delay in the project.

Raising the bar of Industry Standards : It all starts from the first step.

In order to ease our clients from the above stress which they may not even be aware of, We at Galvastrong have started an standard industry practice to provide the following :

  • MTC (Mill Test Certificate)
  • COO (Certificate of Origin)

This is our contribution to the industry to upgrade the standards and ensure our clients are rest assured on the quality of steel and machines used for their LGSF Steel profiles. This in return can be furnish to their clients, by doing so we hope the chain of trust that leads to good quality and timely projects initiates and that LGSF as a construction technology is acknowledged for what’s its worth.

It is no wonder why we have genuine clients and genuine projects without any hiccups running all across the country with export sales booming.

Competitiveness is a good sign of business but should not come at the cost of the project or trust of the client. While choosing the right LGSF profile supplier one should be very aware of the above points.

Should you need genuine LGSF steel profiles and even advice on your project we are here to help and shall be happy to offer you our advice absolutely free of cost.

Kindly connect with us on we shall be happy to be of help.  

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