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This is how easy it is to Install the Frame Work in Light Gauge Steel Framing Technology.

LGSF Woman Power

LGSF Woman Power


Light Gauge Steel Framing Technology (LGSF)

6x6x8 Assembly in LGSF Technology

In our life, many things seem to look very difficult to do but once we put our hands on those things and then we get to know how easy and effective those things are. And the same goes for Light Gauge Steel Framing Technology (LGSF).

Many people think that Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) are way too complicated to understand and apply by themselves. It’s like a Lego set, it’s just you have to assemble all the pieces in the correct order. At Mitsumi Housing Pvt. Ltd. we ensure that the profiles we ship are backed up by detailed assembly drawings that help anyone to erect with ease.

Watch the Video and notice how effortless and simple it is to build with Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) profiles by GalvaStrong a Mitsumi Housing brand with just the help of some machines and tools.

This is a short video of an Engineering student who builds a 6×6 stall completely on her own. And the best part is she has arranged it only by screw gun with very little time. 

Commercial stalls like this are sold all around the state through her father’s company where they help the consumer to understand the process of Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) profiles and how to install them immediately.

  • 6x6 Assembly Drawings 10
  • 6x6 Assembly Drawings 09
  • 6x6 Assembly Drawings 08
  • 6x6 Assembly Drawings 07
  • 6x6 Assembly Drawings 06
  • 6x6 Assembly Drawings 05
  • 6x6 Assembly Drawings 04
  • 6x6 Assembly Drawings 03
  • 6x6 Assembly Drawings 02
  • 6x6 Liberary

Above are the simple assembly drawings that were followed, for the erection of the 6×6 structure.

The most beneficial part of Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) profiles is that there is no WELDING, No use of Excess LABOR, No Heavy Lifting, and last but not least More SAVINGS in TIME + EFFORT + MONEY all you need is battery operated drill machines – NO WELDING Required.

We hope that this video might have helped you all to understand how to assemble Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) profiles on your own. And as we always say, with LGSF everything is possible and with Mitsumi anything is Possible. So feel free to reach us for any queries, questions, and help.

This indoor 6×6 unit stall is kept open for purchase to all who wish to experience first-hand LGSF structures. contact us at [email protected] and book your first LGSF structure with us. This 6×6 Structure includes the –
Door : 2109 x 785
Window : 584 x 584
Sloping Roof
Apex Height: 2.548
Clear height: 2.438 (8 Feet)
Walling Area :
FCB Boards Required: (8×4 board) – 5 Nos.
Roofing Material Required: Metal Sheet: 42 Sqft


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