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Important Things You Should Know Before any LGSF Project : LGSF Tutorial Series 1.

Important Things You Should Know Before any LGSF Project : LGSF Tutorial Series 1

Important Things You Should Know Before any LGSF Project : LGSF Tutorial Series 1

A journey of a thousand miles will begin with the first step

In our continuous effort to make LGSF easily understood and accessible to all, our Business Head Mr. Shahid Badshah underlines the primary noteworthy points you should know before you start your LGSF Project.

What is the basic information required for LGSF Project

As we all know why cold-formed Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) construction technology is becoming the first choice in today’s rapid construction era, we are here to simplify the Pre-Design process for your next LGSF project.

LGSF technology is all about optimizing speed and accuracy and this blog contains information on how one can proceed to the design stage. We are explaining essential details one must have beforehand started the LGSF Prefab works.

Mitsumi Housing Design Team works on a precise time schedule to meet our client’s deadline and make the turnaround time minimum without compromising structural integrity. Following are the keynotes one should be ready with before he begins to look at finding out the right LGSF provider.

These are simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type forms that can be filled by even a non-technical person

  1. Project Information Form (PIF)
  2. Client Registration Forma (CRF)
Understanding Architectural Drawings for LGSF

Project Information Form :

We understand that each LGSF project is different and the finer details related to structure and design vary on a project-to-project basis. This form is required to be filled out by the client himself to help the Mitsumi team understand their specific design requirements. We have designed Project Information Form very simple and easy to understand. This avoids needing to approach a specialist consultant or use a technical dictionary.

Client Registration Form

This form contains basic information like Company Name, Billing Address, Mobile number, contact person, and email address to be filled in by the client. This is one-time information that is stored in the Mitsumi ERP system and will be used for all future transactions.

The above two important forms are quintessential for the Mitsumi team to start optimizing the structure design and make quotations.  It is important to mention that the details are private and confidential.

Additional Documents related to the project :

Architectural Drawings

This includes all the dwg/pdf files of sectional drawings, plans, and elevation drawings, etc.

Roofing Details

Sloping or Flat roof confirmation – shape, slop angle, tiling covering

So if you have any LGSF project and you are in need of a quick quote then fill up this form and send it to [email protected], or [email protected] we will revert asap with an update.

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