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Why Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction is the Best option in Rapid Construction?

What Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction is all about?

Light Gauge Steel Frame building structure on Life Mission Kerala site ready for cladding

What would be better for a rational client when a high-quality structure is offered in relatively less time along with being pocket friendly? Well, that is not a dream. LGSF has proven to twirl all your desires into certainty. LGSF is able to provide steel structures that are light in weight without compromising on quality.

With Mitsumi Housing Pvt. Ltd the use of Light Gauge Steel Framing Technology has always been a well-informed calculated decision where every part of the build process is planned maliciously and is a combination of rapid build technology and traditional build methods concluding towards successful completion.

Photo of a Light Gauge Steel Frame drawing sheet where person is highlighting towards important page through pencil
Light Gauge Steel Frame Technology is a Pre Designed Pre Planned Construction Process

Cold-Formed Steel Construction is an advanced precise system using the latest technology. It provides a building system with the key competitive advantages of speed maximization and waste minimization. For the construction of a building, the Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) profile could be manufactured in a factory and assembled in a factory or on-site and then erected wall by wall. Than deck, the sheet is fixed on the joist as per plan and filled with lightweight concrete on the deck sheet.

image of life mission kerala with a LGSF floor joist and MS metal deck sheet over as a flooring solution in Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction solution
Deck Sheet roof over a Light Gauge Steel Frame Building

 With the LGSF technology and with their supporting designing parameters and using designed frame cad software to design the structure and develop the building with LGSF technology from the ground to G+14. These methods can be effectively used to create Single Storied or Multi Storied buildings as per the requirement in any demographic conditions.

Light Gauge Steel Framework is an intelligent choice for large scale housing development and delivering projects. It is fully optimized using patented technology, to give a smart lean production process. Light Gauge Steel Framework is an intelligent choice for large scale housing development and delivering projects.

These autonomous machines provide accuracy and also providing rapid construction. The technology shall be used for the construction of residential, commercial, and any buildings from Ground Floor to G+14 story – EWS, LIG & MIG houses, Schools, Health centers, Community centers, independent houses, and rehabilitation buildings.

Cold-Formed Light Gauge Steel Frame Technology is almost one third the weight and doubles the speed of conventional methods of construction.

LGSF is a better option when it comes to strength to weight ratio, seismic & wind resistance, with better pest & mold resistance. LGSF construction is green and can be assembled by completely non-combustible, environmentally controlled production technique, design-led, accurate within a half millimeter accuracy. With the use of this technology, one can construct sustainable houses rapidly.

Advantages of LGSF:

  • Faster to manufacture frame on-site and off-site.
  • Lesser time and skilled manpower required to assemble the structural steel frame.
  • All the steel has pre-holes made for attaching fasteners and all steel parts are leveled and labeled to avoid confusion; hence it contains no room for errors which saves time in assembling.
  • Manageable and time saving due to its adaptability on creating it at the factory or at the site; as a result, the assembly and the production could be done side by side or faster assembly could be done by employing more laborers and getting pre-made steel frames from the factory in bulk.
  • Nowadays there is a scarcity of natural minerals which is used in construction like sand, bricks, aggregates, so in the coming days it is challenging to build a building in traditional construction, this is the right time to adopt LGSF technology.
  •  We develop the skeleton with LGSF we can finish the building with our specification so we can utilize any type of specification.
  • LGSF technology is approved by the BMPTC and is accepted by major government bodies across all state authorities.
  • Erection of LGSF is so simple and faster. Light equipment is enough there is no major need to picking and lifting machinery.
  • Only one supplier can take the responsibility of whole project which is good for minimizing construction risk
  • Maximum efficiency can be achieved since all the components are designed specially to act together as a system.
  • Impressive architectural options are available at low costs
  • These buildings offer good resistance against seismic actions since it is made of Lightweight flexible members.
  • It can be recycled and 70% material can be use again.
  • It is ecofriendly because during manufacturing of structure it produce less amount of pollution.
  • Speed of construction is very fast.
  • Life of structure is 75 years.

So after knowing about this rapidly fast build technology, what are you waiting for? Get your dream project ready in a minimal time and in a pocket-friendly budget. Here we are to help you construct your best dream project!

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