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2 killed, many feared trapped after building collapse in Maharashtra

rubble of the collapsed building

rubble of a collapsed

Reference Source: https://in.news.yahoo.com/maharashtra-raigad-building-collapse-people-dead-many-feared-trapped-missing-mahad-monsoon-040531046/photo-rescue-workers-search-people-rubble-000000083.html

(Photo by PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP via Getty Images)

Today a five-story building in Maharashtra’s Raigad district caved in. It is said to have about more than 40 apartments and authorities are yet to ascertain the cause of the collapse.

The picture of the rubble fallen all over right up to the neighboring plots is a typical view with innocent lives buried. A great loss to life and the threat indeed.

This is just one of the obvious risks in any building that is built in the traditional way. With LGSF structures one can have more peace of mind that the structure and its composition are not as heavy and as collapsable as traditional structures. Having said that the structural stability and integrity are not compromised in LGSF design.

Can we say that LGSF construction is rubble safe? kindly let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

We hope and pray for the family and lives of those trapped in the rubble.

To know more about how LGSF can help reduce and save lives in such calamities get in-touch with us we can help you out with an ideal solution.

2 killed many feared trapped after building collapse in Maharashtra 1
Typical rubble formation with a building built in traditional construction.

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