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2021 Saluting the undaunted efforts of the Mitsumi LGSF Turnkey Solution Providers

Jorta Site Office made by LGSF Turnkey Solution Providers for a client

Dedicated to All our LGSF Turnkey Solution Providers,

Mitsumi Housing started the year 2021 with the prestigious ceremony of laying the foundation stone fort the Lighthouse Project (LHP) Agartala by Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Tripura using Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) technology. This year significant as we have grown in the number of Turnkey Solution Providers by leaps and bounds.

During the times the construction industry was recovering from post-covid problems like labor shortage, building material shortage, price hike and project delays the prefab LGSF technology came in as a ray of hope to build back better. Mitsumi Housing’s Galvastrong LGSF production facility was continuously manufacturing (under stringent covid guidelines) Light Gauge Steel profiles for the Turnkey Solution Providers.

Dear All LGSF Turnkey Survice Providers…

Dedicated to our Turnkey Solution Providers,

Team Mitsumi salutes the undaunting hard work and tireless effort put by each and every Turnkey Solution Provider (TSP) and marketing Solution Provider (MSP) spread Pan India.

It is because of you and your entire team we can say that we have built prefab projects & supplied structures in every corner of India.

It is because of you and your entire team we can say that we have built prefab projects & supplied structures in every corner of India.

It is because of you and your entire team we can say that we have built prefab projects & supplied structures in every corner of India.

Our Family has grown happier, bigger & stronger like steel . We will keep fulfilling our promise to be at your service for all of your valuable projects.

Three cheers to the bond we share!

Mitsumi Housing private limited

It is because of our family of LGSF Turnkey Solution Providers we can say that we have built prefab projects & supplied structures in every corner of India.

Prefab structures evolved as the ideal goto option for architects and construction companies for their residential, commercial & industrial building construction. The rapid predesigned and factory manufactured steel structures paved the way for rapid completion of the new projects. The experienced Mitsumi Design Team designed optimized and structurally safe designs.

Who is a LGSF Turnkey Solution Provider?

A person who takes the responsibility of fulfilling dream of an individual to build his/her own house by giving him the complete solution with key in hand is a Turnkey Solution Provider.

Why Mitsumi TSP is excelling in LGSF construction?

  • LGSF design and supply in quick turnaround timespan
  • Receives leads for new construction from Mitsumi in their respective region
  • Complete support in the filling the tender for relevant public works
  • Genuine steel supply with all the certifications
  • Marketing assistance to promote the LGSF technology and land the projects
  • Preferential treatments like special rates and priorities in deliveries
  • Privilege rights for all promotional events for registration and admission

Overcoming Every Challenge

Mitsumi’s TSPs were able to adhere to the strict project timelines due to continuous supply of LGSF profiles by Galvastrong facility in quick turnaround time. Mitsumi’s TSPs have ensured compliance towards the building standards in their assembly erection. TSPs have upheld the quality standards in the cladding and finishing works.

Our TSP spread in Pan India has now successfully completed projects in various locations in North East, West, South and East India, covering the major geographies of Indian subcontinent.

Galvastrong LGSF profiles having superior features and modular structures are helping our TSPs to overcome every challenge in their construction works. MHPL regularly organizes the factory visits and training workshops under ENABLE Program for TSP for continuous skill up gradation.

In Northeast India, major hurdle faced by our TSP was transport in adverse terrain and material handling. MHPL design team intelligently designed the steel profiles such that it became easier to ship in small pickup trucks. Even on hill top they have done the material handling and erection works very quickly.

In another project in southern India, LGSF TSPs were facing the problem of continuous rain spells stopping the construction works. In the very short window they had to manage and plan the erection, cladding and finishing activities. And they did it! We can proudly say that we have cater to the clients in south & coastal India even in adverse climatic conditions.

After the successful one year we are planning to expand the deliverable by MHPL to TSPs in coming future. We are grateful journey for their dedication and loyalty.

If you are in construction industry and want to take the maximum benefits of advanced eco-friendly rapid prefab technology Light Gauge Steel Frame then connect with us by registering for ENABLE Program now!

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