Overwhelming response received for Mitsumi Certified LGSF Skill Development Program

Mitsumi Skill Development Programe
LGSF Skill Development Program

We are proud to announce the closing of the SDP program registration process. Thanks to all you technology enthusiasts, the program was full within just two days of its announcement. For those who missed out, here is a short introduction to what this program is about.

The three days program is initially aimed at sharing technical knowledge & practical know-how of only new-age technology known as the Light Gauge Steel Frame Technology (LGSF). This sustainable, eco-friendly technology makes the construction process nearly 200% faster than the conventional process while keeping foundation cost and other operational costes to the minimum.

All of the attending participates will be introduced to the various aspects of the LGSF build and and provided a certificate of participation to use LGSF technology to real projects and businesses.

Participants will also get a chance to Register as TurnKey Solution Providers and be part of the Mitsumi expertise, experience and goodwill. You can know more about it at Turnkey solution provider program.

Again, thank you to all participants for showing interest in revolutionary LGSF technology and be part of a construction system that not only builds durable and cost-effective housing but benefits the environment by providing sustainable solutions.

We also conduct weekly online webinars every Wednesday at 11.30 am  for the introduction of the technology kindly click here to book a seat.

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