Who, What & How of LGSF Technology

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At Mitsumi Housing Pvt. Ltd. (MHPL) we use ‘FrameCAD “the cutting edge and the most advanced end to end cold form steel engineering. This is the Rapid Construction division of our 27yrs old construction experience. The integrated CAD / CAM software of FRAMECAD ensures that the computer derived calculations based on which the various components which go into LGSF constructions are produced with high accuracy and precision. This software is used for engineering, design, structural analysis and 3D Visualisation of various models.

Out of the four high speed ‘FrameCAD ‘machines three are High speed F325iT systems and one is a heavy gauge TF550H system. This makes Kosamba, Gujarat facility of MHPL the largest LGSF manufacturing hub  in India. At MHPL we have a qualified, dedicated and well experienced design and production team which has been designing buildings and structures for various projects  all over the country. Every LGSF design and put to test keeping in mind various tests like wind impact, earth quake impact, load bearing capabilities etc. Thus once the design is cleared, the customer could well be assured of a building which is absolutely safe to live in and a structure which can withstand earthquakes, cyclones, heavy rainfall. hail storm, snow loads etc.

It would be of interest to know that the design and production of large span structures and those requiring heavy load bearing are undertaken by TF550H system. This can produce 150 mm web size channels with a gauge capability of 2 mm. The production of wall panels, roof trusses, floor joists for residential and commercial buildings with profiles of 89 mm with 1.2 mm gauge are undertaken   by   F325iT system.

The entire processes from manufacturing onto the construction of the building is done without any cutting or welding making Cold form technology a’ Game changer’ amongst the various building technologies that exist today.  In today’s world where we value human lives above everything else elimination of hot work and movement of heavy lifts specially inside the construction site make the lives of those involved in construction activities safer besides considerable savings in cost.

MHPL facility at Kosamba spreads over 12 acres of land. The layout of various units like storage of steel, machines for manufacturing LGSF products, office, staff quarters and place for future expansion etc are intelligently located .

The processes at MHPL set in motion once a finalised requirement for a building is received from the customer.  It starts with  the designing process after receipt of the final architectural drawings. The inhouse design team is integral to the MHPL which ensures the processes from designing to manufacturing the end product proceeds smoothly. The software has the ability for quick computing, fast multiple iterations, auto detailing and create intuitive software algorithms all as per code standards windspeeds and seismic zone of the build location. These abilities ensure optimisation of material and achieve superior structural stability. The design team will convert those requirements into production (RFY) files. These RFY files are in-turn fed to the high speed FRAMECAD machines which convert light gauge steel sheets  into lip C section studs,  thus  making   them strengthened. The profiles used galvanised steel which ensures the final products are rust resistant. Whilst in the FrameCAD machine the various operations like   punching holes, dimples, swages, cuttings take place seamlessly. These machines produce C and U profiles and have the ability to do C+C and C+U connections with gauges ranging from 0.55mm to 2 mm with 2 mm web size options of 89 mm and 150 mm.  This enables a wide range of project applications with different loading conditions.

Once the various profiles are manufactured,  each and every component is marked and they are loaded into trucks for transporting them to various parts of our country. If needed these could be loaded in containers to be transported anywhere in the world by ships from the nearby Hazira port. Thus Kosamba is eminently located  to meet both national and international demands.

The profiles are normally sent as C channels and loaded into containers or trucks. The loading is done such a way that the items required first are loaded last . At the site the unloading is done and kept in such a way that assembling them later would be easy. As every component is marked assembling is made sequentially and accurately leaving no room for errors.

MHPL has well trained manpower under its belt spread all across the country. These persons work under turnkey solution providers. A structured and well planned training is imparted to all these persons. Moreover based on latest advancements in LGSF and its erection techniques they also  undergo upgradation/updating  courses. These measures ensure that constructions are done meeting    exacting international standards at all times.

The foundation of the building is made using traditional building materials. As the load of the building is comparatively lower than a brick and concrete building there is savings of cost to the consumer.  The measurements for making the foundation are provided by the company to the customer making the whole process hazzle free. Once the plinth is ready the LGSF structure is fixed to the foundation using Anchor bolts with hold down connectors. These are so fixed on the foundation such that   even distribution of load is achieved. The steel frame and the concrete flooring is separated by neoprene rubber packings which act as a thermal insulation and provide protection to the frame. The entire process of assembling the structure and wall panelling is carried out using nuts and bolts and by screws which are again galvanised ensuring them to be rust resistant. The entire process of assembling the various components is done on site’. Dry Wall ‘process is adopted in making the walls and ceiling eliminating the use of bricks. mortar and water. This ensures that a considerable amount of dwindling precious natural resources like river sand, lime stones, granite stones which are the main ingredients in the traditional building are saved by adoption of this technology

In case of erecting large scale projects the company can relocate the FrameCAD machines to the location and manufacture the various components in situ thus saving precious time and cost of transportation. The company also undertakes large scale erections with its own personnel. MHPL works in close co- ordination with  all these projects be it  executed by turnkey providers or by itself . It has undertaken several of the government projects some of them completed and some of them are ongoing.

It would be of great value to anyone to know as to how LGSF is the ultimate choice for anyone who loves this planet earth and opts for a durable and eco- friendly building. It is a green technology all the way as it uses light gauge galvanised steel which could be reused /or recycled compared to  the dated pre fab which uses heavy gauge red steel which would rust, needs cutting and welding and needs cranes to lift and shift the heavy  building components. Elimination of cutting ,welding and lifting and shifting of heavy loads specially inside the building site ensures a greater safety to the persons involved in construction activities. Similarly the use of water , river sand , cement etc except for the foundation can put a stop to sand mining both legal and illegal  ,conserve  water ,put a stop to disfiguring the nature by unchecked quarrying etc

 The endearing part of using this technology is that the deadlines can be met as the entire process of construction is not dependent on the availability of scarce natural resources like river sand, water, aggregates, cement etc. Often times the delay is caused due to non- availability of cement, river sand and bottlenecks in transporting items like aggregates, steel girders ,cement, etc . Considerable time also is required for curing and maturing of concrete. Similarly welding and cutting cannot take place even if there is a slight drizzle. All these impediments are totally  eliminated .

Rains can delay the progress of construction as traditional construction requires clear weather. In this case the work can continue unimpeded as the components are rust free and wetness will not damage the structure or components. Similarly welding and cutting cannot take place even if there is a slight drizzle. All these impediments are totally eliminated.

In case of a building   is being constructed using bricks, cement etc where cost escalations of various building materials like cement, river sand, aggregates etc can lead to steep increase in the cost of the building whereas buildings with LGSF technology construction is totally immune to such steep increase in costs. One can fix the price in the beginning of the construction and the building cost will remain unchanged at the time of its completion. Similarly the building can be completed within the planned time .

It would be of great value to anyone to know as to how LGSF is the ultimate choice for anyone who loves this planet earth and opts for a durable and eco- friendly building. It is a green technology all the way as it uses light gauge galvanised steel than the dated pre fab which uses heavy gauge red steel which would rust, needs cutting and welding and needs cranes to lift and shift the heavy building components. More over the galvanised steel components gone into the structure of the building is re-usable and re-cyclable. So even the steel is put to use again and again conserving the natural resource.

At MHPL the steel used is of very high tensile strength and is of high yield. High yield steel can withstand exceptionally well under extreme structural loads without any deformation, High tensile value ensures that the building can withstand large amount of stretching caused by cyclones and strong winds etc. This can withstand a major earth quake whereas a building constructed with the traditional materials will crumble in the event of an earthquake. The 350 to 550 MPA steel that is used in our facility are best suited to withstand major earth quake, heavy cyclones, rains and hail storms. The 275 GSM Galvanisation and 150 GSM of Galvalum coating given in the factory ensures that the structure is totally rendered rust free and can easily stay rust free even in an extremely salty environment like  sea side areas for a very long time. It also requires much less maintenance as the structure remains rust free ..

We are glad to state that our company has been closely involved with various government led housing projects like PMAY where execution period is short and time over run cannot be accepted.

MHPL is lead with a dedicated, focused, experienced and skilled staff along with able management under the inspiring leadership and the guidance of senior team members who have achieved acknowledgments from various customers/stake holders including central and state government officials in this field for the excellent and timely execution of various projects.

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