Manufacture A Variety Of High Quality Products

Manufacture A Variety Of High Quality Products

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Provides High Performance Services For Multiple Industries And Technologies!

GalvaStrong Series of LGSF Steel Profiles has been built on engineering excellence crafted through unstinted dedication to quality, innovation and a constant objective to serve the global market & decade young industry expertise.

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Speed of Construction

The LGS Constructions are 200% faster than conventional RCC Constructions.

Steel Consumption

30% Less consumption (20kg/sq.m compared to 30kg/sq.m)

Labour Cost

50% lesser labour charges - Fewer Manpower, Fewer Manhours.

Foundation Cost

30% cheaper due to Light weight nature of structure. Less Own weight.


Faster Construction, Faster ROI, You get your money back Faster.

Rework Costs for MEP works.

MEP works are included in CAD Design. No rework costs, Lesser debris at site. No need of waste removal due to rework.

Other Financial Benefits

Savings on Transportation costs, Savings on Inventory, Savings on Interest Money

Earthquake Resistance

Even distribution of Load throughout the structure. Load is not skewed too much on any column or beam. Lighter Structure - Best suited for earthquake prone zones.

Thermal Performance

Various High Insulation materials like CLC, Styroform, etc are used with LGS constructions. So we can get upto 3 times better thermal performance


LGS provides you the Structural Design and Calculation software so you can design the entire structure with the optimum Strength to withstand the Liveload, Deadload, Windload, Snowload, Seizmic Loads. Strength of structure is as per the design according to the required loads.

Better Construction Materials - LGS

Steel is having the Highest Strength to Weight Ratio compared to any other construction material. The Galvanized Steel takes care of the Rusting problems. Steel is Inorganic. So, No Problems with Termites, Moisture, Warping, Splitting, Cracking or creeping.

Design Flexibility

LGS provides you Flexible Design capabilities with options to do various types of designs: Porta Cabins, Modular Pods, Residential Villas, Multi Storey Residential, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Sheds and Warehouses, Roof Top constructions, Hybrid Constructions with HRS, etc.


Steel is 100% recyclable and no need to dispose waste materials

Energy Efficiency

100% better Energy Efficiency than conventional Structures.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco Friendly Green Technology. LGS Constructions gets you a Guaranteed 7 Leed Points for Green Building Certification.