One of the BIGGEST REASON – Why most companies focusing only on LGSF Technology alone FAIL!

blog 1  10.05.2020
Times are changing and so is technology. The rapid build is the buzzword of the construction industry today. Over the years many companies have ventured claiming rapid build technologies can help them complete the project faster.  Light Gauge Steel Framing Technology is one of the preferred rapid-build options.

Many entrepreneurs assume Light Gauge Steel framing is the soul start to finish factor to complete a project successfully. But unfortunately, this is not true; independent research conducted by Mitsumi Housing Private Limited reveals the fact that Light Gauge Steel frame technology comprises only up to 25% to 30% of the entire build process. Experts at Mitsumi Housing Pvt. Ltd. further reveal that LGSF tech is a good start to speed up the construction process, but for projects that demand a more holistic infra solution, having expertise on LGSF technology alone as a single choice could have an adverse effect on the success of completing the project.

Clients or Companies evaluating to use of LGSF technology for their next build must factor into account that having a civil backup is also a major part of the project planning process.

The secret mantra for companies using LGSF technology alone must strike the fine balance between what is possible using Light Gauge Steel Framing Technology and traditional build. Simply having Steel designed and rolled as per LGSF tech is just the beginning of the project. Enterprises and clients must understand that there are many other factors that are involved in the entire build process. LGSF could be approximately ¼th of the project value-wise, investment-wise, and also time-wise.

Wrap Up

Mitsumi Housing Pvt. Ltd. stands tall with more than 27 years of solid on-ground civil building experience as a builder and developer; having built prestigious projects like bungalow schemes, buildings, apartments, resorts, and multi-story five-star hotels all over India, Dubai, and Kenya. Mitsumi Housing Private Limited first capitalizes on the fact that they master the art of civil construction having great construction know-how and civil backup as one of its strongest advantages.  With Mitsumi Housing Pvt. Ltd the use of Light Gauge Steel Framing Technology has always been a well-informed calculated decision where every part of the build process is planned maliciously and is a combination of rapid build technology and traditional build methods concluding towards successful completion.

LGSF Glamping camp tents made using No 1 LGSF technology.
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