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Mitsumi Housing participation in Ace Tech Exhibition Guwahati 2022.

  • Our business head explaining visitor about the LGSF technology.

  • Guwahati Exhibition Mitsumi

    Guwahati Exhibition Mitsumi

Mitsumi Housing was glad to be one of the participants of the AceTech exhibition 2022 held in Guwahati.

The two days event was held at Maniram Trade Center Guwahati on the 9th and 10th of September 2022 where we ended up receiving good responses from more than 200+ participants.

Most of the visitors were of familiar backgrounds like Architects, Interior designers, Structural consultants, Pre fabricators, Builders, freelancers, and end users. The response was overwhelming. Overall, Mitsumi was among the most visited stalls when it came to an alternative building technique.

In the land of Guwahati, we weren’t not just embraced by the amount of love we received but also by the amount of knowledge most of the visitors already had about the rapid building technology known as LGSF.

One of the best examples is when customers took over and began explaining to their fellow visitors the benefits of our technology in the local language.

Another example is a very famous Structural designer who holds years of experience, he was explaining to his team the materials and inner engineering Benefits of  Light Gauge Steel Framing along, especially in earthquake-prone Zone 5 Areas like Guwahati and the entire North Eastern Region.

During the events, we ensured to create awareness and widespread knowledge about the same at the utmost and maximum.

We are glad about the amount of enquires and gratification we have received. Awesome Assam has already expected this technology away a long time back.
Also, we have successfully completed a lot of Non-government projects over there, One of them is in the Agartala location which is ongoing.

LGSF means Light Gauge Steel Framing is a rapid construction technology that is not only fast but light and also a cost-effective construction solution having one of the most effective and efficient construction methodologies, that optimizes manpower, and natural resources and also gives a good after-value with the immaculate international finish and look being extremely earthquake and zone 5 friendly.

It is fast, rapid, equally reliable, saves the environment, and is safe.
This practice is totally different there is no involvement of mortar, water, and brick. Thus this makes the whole process saves energy and time.
Also, the frames are cold in nature thus which makes them very light in weight, thus leading to easy transfer and shift.

Above mentioned all factors make LGSF a viable and suitable construction technology in the North Eastern region.

Once again, we would like to thank all the visitors for the overwhelming response.
and to the whole team of Ace Tech for such a wonderful show and for the constant guidance and support.

WATCH this VIDEO to know more about how you can take benefit from LGSF technology after visiting the stall. There are many ways of associating with Mitsumi Housing just for you to get a better grip on LGSF as a subject and how it can help you in your business project following are the key steps one can take next.

  1. Webinars on LGSF Technology For NORTH EASTERN REGION
    (21st September 2022 – Client Representation on behalf of your company)
  2. Site / Factory Visit to India’s Largest LGSF production Facility owned by Mitsumi Housing Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Request for Quote

Watch the complete video with Mr.Shahid Badshah – Business Head of Mistumi Housing Pvt. Ltd. visiting the Mitsumi Stall in Guwahati. 

We are here to make your dream project into reality.
Feel free to reach us, if any queries.
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Mitsumi Participation of LGSF Technology at Ace Tech exhibition 2022 – Kochi Kerela.
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