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Beam Column Free Construction is possible with No 1 LGSF Technology.

Beam Column Free Construction is possible with No 1 LGSF Technology.

Beam-Column Free Construction is possible with No 1 LGSF Technology.

Steel Structures are Beam and Column Free

It is very well said that in the 21st century, everything is possible.

One such possibility is construction is having a house, villa, bungalow, flats, duplex, multiplexes, mall, etc. with no column and beam.

This means each and every room justifies its square feet without wasting an inch.

We all have seen spaces that are wasted in the house that could have been better utilized. (ref article images) 

Before proceeding ahead let us understand;  what are columns and their role in structural design. Columns and beams are vertical or horizontal constructed for the building that intends to transfer a comprehensive load. They help transfer dead or live loads from a ceiling, floor, roof slab,  from beam to a floor, and then the building’s foundation. In other words, it is a compression member considered a major element in traditional construction to hold the weight of entire buildings. 

Now, many of us would be wondering – that how this is possible. 
How can we have a home without columns and beams ??
what about the strength of the building, will the wall sag or will get cracked over some time, how it will bear the weight of the walls, is the building safe, will it work for the long term, and many more such questions my prop us as we are so used to seeing been column structures all around us.

Today’s new-age steel construction technology ensures the builds are safe, and strong and also justifies every square inch of the building’s usable space. Using LGSF it is very much possible to construct a house with no column because it involves advanced technology which helps in saving time and also area. Overall the whole construction process with LGSF construction is easier and hence cost-effective. 

Also, the best part of the LGSF load-bearing structure is that it is considerably lighter than any other. Hence it saves on foundation costs as well. This makes it very easy to handle and requires less space for the foundation. Also, it can bear the load and can transfer through the wall from the foundation.
This has an excellent bearing capacity with the stability of the building.

This structure is ideal as well as safe and can be easily adapted for residential and commercial.

We hope the above difference must have given a clear idea that how without a column how a house can be built.

We are glad to inform you that within a short span of time, we have implemented beams and column-free construction in various parts of the country covering the hill station, forest, and landscape in various forms like farmhouses, tree houses, and many more.

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